Exodus 3:10
Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Why does God send us when we are so full of limitations, doubts and fears?  Why does He send us when we are so prone to fail and disobey?  Surely His power is just as much on display from His own divine intervention and He is glorified by His own works.  Surely His angels do His bidding without the limitations we possess.  Surely God can do anything.  So why does He use us?  Why did He task Moses, a reluctant leader of the people, for this most important job?  It wasn’t going to be Moses doing the delivering, after all, but he was the vessel God chose to use for this particular task.

Could it be that God simply wants to build people?  He wants to build us into all He created us to be and to build our relationship with Him.  Moses was uniquely prepared for what he was about to face—born of the tribe of Levi, his life spared when other children were not, raised in the palace of Pharaoh with all the privilege that afforded him, sent to a wilderness and then called by God.

And so as Moses obeys, as he follows, as he goes out trusting God, an amazing transformation occurs.  He becomes what he never thought he could be but what God intended him to be.  Those things God engineered for him built him into Moses, the shepherd of the people, a man who performed wonders and received the law and gave it to the people.  And he experiences a relationship with God through these things that could have been built no other way.  And so the man who balked at going and speaking to Pharaoh comes face-to-face with God Himself and enters into His presence, and that makes all the difference.

So, what has God called us to, and where is He sending us?  The task is important.  The job must be done.  But in the process, God accomplishes the much greater work of building us up into what He wants us to be.  He is molding and shaping people and drawing us ever closer to Him as we move forward in those things He’s given us to do.  Our lives shouldn’t be just a process of getting and doing, but about becoming.  It’s not about what we’ve accomplished or how far we traveled, but who we are at the end of it all.

Your thoughts?

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