Exploring Scripture

Luke 24:27
And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.

The two disciples had shared with Jesus their perspective on what had happened.  It was a story of crushed dreams and lost opportunities, a hopelessness that everything they were looking for and longing for had died with Jesus.  They had trusted that something was to happen, that redemption for Israel was nigh.  All of that had been wrapped up and laid in a tomb, and even His body was gone, and they didn’t know what it all meant.

But Jesus has a different perspective.  He has the lens of Scripture.  Everything that they needed to know was there.  And Jesus explains it all from the Word of God.  They lacked understanding of these essential truths of Scripture that would have helped them to see those events of Jesus’ crucifixion differently.  They would have understood what it meant that the tomb was found empty.  Perhaps they would have even had eyes to see who it was that was walking with them just now if they believed that He was alive.

Everything changes for these disciples when they match up the Jesus in Scripture with the Jesus they had followed during His ministry.  And indeed, it changes our lives to know those same truths for ourselves.  Jesus permeates Scripture.  The complete story is told there.  It is, then, a matter of faith to believe all of those things.  The Spirit of God guides us through His Word.  He enables us to know those things that are so important to our journey through life.  He gives us a proper perspective on the events that are happening.  He helps us to put all the pieces together so we are not sorrowing over a loss, but rejoicing in a resurrection.

There is much to learn, much to know about Jesus, and the source of our information must be the Scriptures.  They tell all about Jesus.  They tell only the truth of Jesus.  In our own reasoning and understanding, we get the wrong idea about a lot of things.  We misinterpret the meaning of events.  We miss the most important aspects of what God is doing when we only see it from our point of view.  So may we spend time exploring the Scriptures for those vital truths, trusting Jesus to expound to us all that we need to know and understand.

Your thoughts?

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