A Miracle

John 2:11
This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.

It wasn’t giving sight to a blind man or healing a leper.  It wasn’t feeding 5,000 or raising a man from the dead, but it was something much smaller, almost inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.  It wasn’t a life-or-death matter or a big spectacle.  But in this small and simple act, Jesus’ glory was still manifested.  His power could be seen.  It was still proof that Jesus was no ordinary man and that He was of God.

The disciples probably didn’t really know what to expect when they started following Jesus.  And as they watched this scene play out, they may have just stared in disbelief.  They saw the servants fill the pots.  Then they watched them draw out from those purification pots what would have been dirty water, water not fit to drink, and serve it to the big guy in charge at the wedding.  Perhaps they cringed as they watched him take a sip, imagining what that water would taste like.

But the governor of the feast didn’t spit that water out repulsed, but he praised the bridegroom for saving the best for last.  It wasn’t just good wine that came from that barrel, but something better than what had been served before.  And the only explanation was that Jesus had done something, unseen and unexplainable, to bring about that amazing transformation.  And now the disciples could start to see who Jesus was and what He was capable of.  They could believe on Him.

To see this first miracle must have instilled in the disciples a sense of wonder and perhaps a curiosity of what more Jesus could do.  Perhaps they began to imagine future possibilities of what He could accomplish or what it all might mean for them.  Can we think back to the first time we realized the miraculous power of Christ and the wonder it placed in us, how it changed us, the hope that it instilled in us that Jesus could work in some amazing way on our behalf?  It may have been a small miracle witnessed only by a few, but it still magnifies God and strengthens our faith in Him.  Whatever the size or scope of the miracle, these kinds of things help us to know God better and to realize that there is a power and a greatness within Him at work in our world and our lives.