Saving the Lost

Matthew 18:11
For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

What abundant and boundless love that would come seeking the lost.  It is love that sent Christ into a sinful world to give His life for mankind.  It is love that drives that mission to the ends of the earth to the lowly and the broken.  It could only be the greatest love that seeks without ceasing all who will receive His gift of life.  Anyone else would have left us abandoned and cast aside.  Anything less than the holy and all-consuming love of our Creator would have never sought to bring redemption to sin-filled souls.

God had a plan, and Jesus had a mission.  He devised a winning strategy, but Jesus had to come into a sinful world and a body of flesh.  And He was not idle, but active.  He was not reluctant, but willing.  He was not stubborn, but submissive, and not rebellious, but obedient.  He descended from on high.  He stooped low.  He humbled Himself.  He gave all.  No one else would have wanted to or been able to accomplish all that Christ did.

And He came for us, the lowest of the low and the worst of the worst, to give us life, hope, and healing.  He came to rescue us from the bondage of sin, to uplift us and set us on a course toward a sure and certain future of eternal glory.  He came to take us out of the wilderness of wandering and uncertainty, that darkness, chaos, instability, and worthlessness.  He came to walk beside us on a new path toward wholeness and peace and life in Him.

Jesus finds us where we are and as we are.  He lifts us up out of that state, tends to our needs, and carries us home.  He came with a purpose, and He came on purpose.  He sought us intentionally, but have we responded?  Have we chosen to believe, to accept Him as our Savior?  Have we allowed Him to pluck us up out of that miry clay, that pit of sin, the filth of worldliness and wash us clean?  Have we answered His call to rise up and follow?  Have we been gloriously and wondrously saved by the Son of man?

Your thoughts?

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