Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Change is either something we like or we don’t, something we embrace or resist.  But the truth is, everything is always changing somehow.  From the weather down to our moods to our circumstances and the society around us, it seems nothing stays constant or consistent for long.  Nothing lasts forever.  And when it comes right down to it, there are very few things we can count on.  Even our relationships change, and we lose friends and loved ones and are forced once again to adjust to a new reality.  And in this fast-changing world, people are looking for something to depend on.

The greatness of God is truly revealed in His unchangeable nature.  Everything else changes.  We are always changing.  But He doesn’t need to change.  He is perfect and can’t be better or more than He is.  And we can count on Him to be the same as always—steady, consistent, faithful.  No one else is so dependable and sure and true.  He exists eternally as He always was.  And so all of those things revealed about Jesus, all those things He said He is, are the same things that He is right now.

So Jesus will always be the Son of God.  He will always be our Savior.  He will always be King of kings and Lord of lords.  He will always be the one unmatched in greatness and glory, the evidence of God’s love, and the one we worship for eternity.  And there is comfort and peace and stability that we can have because of the consistency and constancy of Jesus.

There is none better to put our trust in—and to put all of our trust in.  There is none better to dedicate our lives to.  There is no other worth chasing after.  Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us.  He will never stop loving with the powerful love that sent Him to the cross to die for our sins.  He will never not be powerful or good or full of compassion and mercy.  He will never stop supplying His grace to us.  So may we strive to be faithful to Him, to consistently love and trust and serve our Lord.

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