A Valuable Relationship

Psalm 73:23-25
Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand.  Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.  Whom have I in heaven but thee?  And there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.

Asaph gets to the place where he realizes God is enough for him.  He goes through this process, examining the facts, and when he looks at everything everyone else has, his heart and his mind and his focus keep turning to God.  And seeing them side by side, the world and its riches and his holy God, he finds there’s really no comparison.  It’s not an empty life even if he is poor and lowly because he has something much more valuable.

There are so many things that can distract us and cause us to lose our focus.  There are so many things that we can look at in this world that can discourage us and make us wonder if what we are doing is worth it.  But may we understand the value of what we have when we have a relationship with God.  He is with us now, and when our lives are over, we will be with Him forever.  It is not wealth and riches that fill our hearts with joy.  It is not the things of this world that satisfy our souls.  It is the living God who is worth more than all this world could offer.

Despite his doubts, Asaph understood that God would not leave him.  Sometimes our grasp of Him can seem tenuous at best.  Our grip is weak.  But God is Almighty, and His is the hand that is holding us, and He won’t let go.  He will guide us to the right path.  He will give us wisdom to keep moving forward.  He will help us to understand Him and grow in our walk with Him.  He’ll help us to have a right perspective on the world, our lives, and our relationship with Him.

Have we gotten to that place where God is enough for us?  Are we satisfied just to know that we have Him with us now and then forever in eternity?  The Lord is our portion no matter what else we have or don’t have in this life.  We don’t have to worry about the prosperity of the ungodly.  We don’t have to think our pursuit of righteousness is in vain.  Nothing this world can offer will ever be better than what we have in knowing Christ.  So let’s not exchange our spiritual and heavenly blessings for something earthly, but instead continue to grow in our desire and pursuit of God.