Power in God’s Word

Matthew 4:11
Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

Jesus passed Satan’s test, in a way.  He had a counter from the Word of God for each temptation that he brought.  He had faith that what His Father said was true and that His Word would provide Him all the answers He needed.  We have that same resource and that same assurance that God’s Word is true and can be applied to those attacks and temptations that we face.

And what is the result of that?  The devil has to leave.  He cannot stand against the pure and holy truth of God that He gave to us for our protection against Satan and all of his evil forces.  It is our sword in the fight and our shield against the fiery darts.  There is no counter for “It is written,” and even Satan has to accept that and move on to some other tactic.  There is no argument against what God says is so.

The devil will use whatever means necessary to try to get us to stumble.  In his first temptation of Jesus, he appeals to the flesh, His hunger and need for food.  Then he tries to get Jesus to cast Himself off the pinnacle of the temple, as if He can do as He please without regard for His own life or God’s plan.  Then he offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, something appealing to His eyes.  But there is an answer in Scripture to guard against all of these that revolve around obedience, trust, and dependence on God.

But we have to wield God’s Word well.  We have to know what it says for it to be any good to us.  Otherwise, the devil and his angels of light will come along with something that sounds right, and if we don’t know the difference, we can be led astray.  If we don’t know what the Bible says, we’ll have no defense when he tries to entice us down some wrong path.  Satan’s main weapon is deception, and the counter for it is the unfailing truth of God.  And when we fend off those attacks through the power of His Word, God always sends us what we need.

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