12 Little Gifts of Christmas: A Little Silent Night

No one really knows if it was a silent night when Jesus was born.  Did Baby Jesus really not cry?  Did the commotion of a crowded town really stop?  Did the animals hush in His presence?  Maybe, but maybe not.  There in that stable probably was not the most peaceful place to be on that particular night.  But we like the idea of a silent night, and could that be because it’s such a rare thing?  Because it’s what we really need?

Christmas is so often a busy time, with church services and family gatherings, shopping and parties and so many things that are not so silent.  But can we take some time out from the hustle and bustle, the noise and the chaos around us, and find a quiet place to spend some time with Jesus, just us and Him?  Can we take a few moments with no interruptions or distractions just to reflect on what it means that Jesus came for us—not just for the world, but for each of us personally?  Can we spend some time just silently praising and connecting with Him again amidst the festivities of the season, listening anew for His voice?

Luke 2:19
But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

After the shepherds came to see Jesus, Mary just spent some time reflecting, thinking about what it all meant to her, perhaps anticipating the future even as she sat in awe of that little baby in her arms.  And we can do the same, but we’re going to have to seek it purposefully.  The world isn’t going to stop.  The noise of a loud world cannot be silenced.  But let’s make an effort to find our own silent night this Christmas.

Your thoughts?

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