Psalm 34:3
O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

And we can magnify the Lord with David.  We can join in with the saints of old who continually give glory to God.  Surely we have seen the Lord do great things.  Surely we have been helped by Him.  Surely we have borne witness to His goodness.  Surely we have experienced His mercy and grace.  Surely His love has filled our hearts.  And shouldn’t all those things coax praises from our lips?

Let us not hold back, then, but be part of the chorus, together with our brethren in Christ, that magnifies and exalts the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  May it be a loud voice of all true believers together praising God, giving Him the glory and not trying to promote ourselves or our particular viewpoint.  May it always be all about lifting high that precious name, that wonderful and matchless name.  And may we be joined as the whole body of Christ to proclaim our Lord because He is worthy and the world around us needs to hear the truth of Christ and then see that truth demonstrated in our lives.

How can we be silent when God has worked so much on our behalf?  How could we not seek to magnify Him when He has loved us so greatly and shown us such mercy?  How could His grace and goodness upon our lives not prompt us to lift Him ever higher so that all can see His greatness and then choose to exalt Him in their lives?  He must increase, and we must decrease.  He must be visible as we fade into the background.  His light must go forth from us and burn ever brighter.  The world would seek to be louder.  The sinfulness in our world would seek to overshadow Him.  And the pride of men would seek to exalt themselves.  But we must not give in to those temptations, but instead magnify the Lord more and more.

Jesus must be the biggest part of our lives, what is most noticeable in us.  He must ascend higher than us, higher than our desires, higher than other people or things in our lives.  We must give Him prominence in everything we do.  We must never cease to give Him glory.  We must never take the focus from Him and give it to something lesser.  So may we choose in our lives to always be magnifying Christ in our words and actions and exalt that name that is above all names.

Your thoughts?

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