A Gift for Anyone

Matthew 19:25
When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved?

Are there some biases in the disciples’ hearts that Jesus is trying to root out?  He bids the children to come unto Him, though the disciples had rebuked them and tried to send them away, because they, too, matter to Him.  And now they are astonished when Jesus says it will be hard for rich men to enter the kingdom of God.  Weren’t the rich men the most prominent in society?  Didn’t they have all the benefits?  Wasn’t their wealth supposed to be a sign of God’s favor?  Wasn’t their position enough?  Didn’t that mean anything?

But God looks upon the heart.  He values things that the world doesn’t value.  He measures things with a different balance than we so often use.  And childlike faith, not riches, is what it takes to enter His kingdom.  It is Jesus’ righteousness that secures our own future in heaven.  It is the blood of Christ that pays the entrance fee, not anything we have or anything we do.  It is not those who have the most or look the best or do more than others that can earn salvation.  But it is a gift God gives, and so it is available for anyone.

Later, Jesus would send Peter to some Gentiles to share the Gospel.  He Himself went to the Samaritans, those others would have labeled “unworthy.”  Even in Israel’s history, He made provisions for the strangers among His people.  His love knows no boundaries and excludes no one.  He died for all.  He desires for all to make that choice and accept Him into their lives.  And so He wants us to share that truth with everyone to give them an opportunity to be set free from their sins.

So where is our heart?  Is there anyone that we think doesn’t deserve to hear the Gospel because of how they look or what they have or where they’re from?  Do we have any biases that Jesus needs to root out of us so that we are willing to go forth and tell others about Him and His love and what He did for them?  Jesus loves the lowly child and the prominent rich man, the faithful Jew and the rejected Samaritan.  Who people are doesn’t matter to Him, but does it matter to us?  Let’s not deny anyone the chance to hear about Jesus, but tell everyone everywhere about a Savior who died for them.

Your thoughts?

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