Sure Truth

Genesis 3:4
And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

What a bold-faced lie, and we can expect nothing less from the father of lies himself.  That slimy serpent mirrors God’s own words to try to convince Eve that the Word of God is not true, and he tries to convince us of the same.  Because the moment that doubt enters our minds, the moment that we consider that what God said might not be true, we’ve already sinned against Him.  Our doubts always erode away the sure foundation of His truth until we have nothing left to stand on, and that’s exactly what Satan wants to happen.

Because it’s not so much that Satan wants us to do bad things for evil’s sake, but he wants to destroy our relationship with God and our fellowship with Him.  He wants to subvert God’s plans and God’s purposes and make God seem like less than He really is—less reliable and trustworthy, not good, not full of love.  And he so often appeals to our pride because at our core, we don’t want to be told what to do and we don’t really want to submit.

But God is truth and His Word is truth, and it will stand forever.  No matter what the devil tries to throw at it, it will not be overcome.  It was proclaimed and is preserved, and it is held by the power of God, so nothing can ever take it away from us.  We can always count on it.  We can trust everything in it.  We can believe what God has said to us.  And we can build our lives on it.  It was given to us out of love, and so we should not be afraid to base everything on it, to live obedient to it, and to stand up for it.

It is so important to separate the truth from the lies in our lives.  And the more immersed we are in the truth of God, the less our enemy will be able to fool us with his lies, his twists, those subtle distortions that kind of make sense to our human reasoning.  May we never question God, but may we always question anything that doesn’t line up with what He says in His Word.  It really is His words to us, so let us take them to heart and treasure them in our lives.

Your thoughts?

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