Psalm 18:39
For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rise up against me.

The nation of Israel faced many battles in their history, with different results.  When they were trusting in the Lord and seeking His guidance, His power and His help, they were victorious.  Sometimes they didn’t even have to fight in the battle themselves because God took care of it for them.  Other times, the people foolishly went out and tried to win the battle in their own power, and they returned defeated and discouraged.  When they neglected to seek God’s guidance and wisdom first, they found themselves unable to overcome their enemies, even ones they would later defeat with God’s help.

Whatever battle we are facing in our lives, God gives us sufficient strength for it.  And when we are depending on Him and His leading, He will give us victory.  David’s own life was a series of battles—over the lion and the bear while tending sheep, defeating Goliath, battles against the Philistines as the king of Israel—and he simply took them one at a time, his strength renewed for each as he sought the Lord.  And as we journey step by step through our lives, we take each battle as it comes, seeking the Lord in the midst of it.

Sometimes God sends us out with our sword and shield and enables us to overcome the enemy in front of us.  But sometimes God steps in front of us and fights on our behalf.  Jesus came for us to take on Satan and overcome the sin that we could never conquer.  God intervenes in our lives in miraculous ways when we would have certainly been defeated.  And it really just comes down to trusting Him above all else no matter what army looms large on the plain in front of us.

Life is not always easy.  There are many difficult things that we will face, and God is with us every step of the way.  But if we charge ahead without paying attention to Him or asking for His guidance, we may find ourselves defeated.  If our pride overcomes us at times and we taste a bitter defeat, God is still able to restore and work as we turn back to Him.  When we are willing to surrender completely and lean on Him and depend on His strength, we can come out victorious through a lifetime of battles.

Your thoughts?

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