Trust in the Lord

Psalm 32:10
Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the LORD, mercy shall compass him about.

It may be easy sometimes to think of wicked people around us reveling in their sin, thriving somehow and having a great time.  But that is a skewed picture of what is actually happening.  We see on the surface an appearance of happiness, but where God does not dwell, there cannot be true joy.  Those sinful pleasures they seek only bring behind them much sorrow.  Those things they sought in their freedom only lead them into bondage.  And those ways that they seem to be thriving only put them in greater and greater debt.

And when the consequences of their actions befall them, they have no one to turn to—no one who can really help and make a difference in their situation.  They have no peace to find in those storms that come.  They have no comfort for the hurts that come as a result of sin.  They have no rest or freedom from those things that hound them.  And there is no protection for them from the wrath of God.  There is only trouble and sorrow now and the prospect of an eternal future absent of God and His love and His goodness.

But those who trust in the Lord have His mercy upon them.  Indeed, it surrounds our lives and is evident in many ways.  Because we do have joy even in those most difficult moments.  We are free from the shackles that sin placed upon us and set free from those heavy burdens we tried to bear.  Our debt is paid, and we’ll never face any punishment for our sins.  And even beyond those great blessings is the merciful comfort of our loving God close to us in our trials and struggles, near to us to bring peace and reassurance and strength and help when we need it most.

There is always a contrast set forth in Scripture between those who choose God and those who reject Him, and we can probably see those differences played out in people’s lives all around us.  So let us be thankful for the mercy of God in our lives.  Let us be thankful for the hope He brings into what can otherwise be a world full of only sorrow and darkness.  Let us rejoice in a great God who reached out to us and gave us much more than we deserve and spared us the hopeless future that awaits those who reject Him.

Your thoughts?

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