Our Great Weakness

Matthew 26:43
And he came and found them asleep again: for their eyes were heavy.

What could it have done to encourage Jesus to come back and find just one still awake and praying?  What comfort could He have found in the midst of this battle waging within Him, this sorrow overflowing Him, to have seen one willing to fight their own battle with the flesh and not give in to sleep, but see the importance of waging a spiritual battle in order to be prepared and not be overtaken?  How did it grieve His heart instead to find the men He was willing to die for not willing or able to do this one thing for Him?

Jesus wrestled with the weakness of men in a very real way.  Here was the eternal God in the limited body of a man of flesh and bone.  Here was Jesus about to confront on the cross that great weakness of mankind called sin.  Even before that He would face the evil that sinful man can produce as He endured the beating and the scourging and the physical pain that they gladly inflicted on Him.  It is here that Jesus sees that man will fail Him, but He will go and die for him anyway.

We must never think that God doesn’t know exactly what we are made of, who we are, and how we are capable of failing Him.  In a way, weakness is innate in us because He made us to need Him.  So if we are separated from Him, if we are disobeying Him, we can crumble under that weakness.  If we are not engaging in a relationship with Him through prayer and His Word, we’ve cut ourselves off from the source of our strength and will be able to overcome very little.  Our flesh grows weary.  Our flesh falls asleep.  Our flesh is so very weak, so we must find life spiritually that can overcome that flesh.

Jesus was confined for a time to the body of a man.  On the cross, He bore up under the weight of our sin during those agonizing hours.  But eventually He rose up from the grave in power and victory.  We endure for a time life in these bodies, in the flesh, afflicted by sin.  But when we accept Christ, we experience His power upon our lives and all that that entails until we finally break free from this sinful world when Jesus calls us home.  So let us not be continually overcome by the weakness of our flesh, but rise up in victory through His Spirit in us.

Your thoughts?

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