Numbers 11:6
But now our soul is dried away: there is nothing at all, beside this manna, before our eyes.

Why isn’t what God gives us enough?  Why do we keep wanting so much more when what He has provided is sufficient?  When Israel was out in the wilderness, God gave them the perfect food for such a place.  It wasn’t something heavy they had to haul around with them.  It wasn’t something they had to plant and tend to and wait for.  It wasn’t something burdensome to prepare.  And every day they had easy access to exactly the amount they needed for each person.  And God faithfully rained that manna down for them to gather and enjoy.

And yet they still complained about that—”We have nothing at all except this manna.”  It wasn’t good enough for them because they were so focused on satisfying the flesh.  They couldn’t let go of their lust for more, something other than what God gave, and so eventually they got to a place where God wasn’t enough for them, either.  They were looking for things to satisfy them other than God, besides their relationship with Him, separate from the things He gave.

Are we ever guilty of this kind of attitude in our lives?  Can we find ourselves, perhaps, feeling so dried up because we’re longing after something besides God’s best that He’s given to us?  Are we complaining, even though we have every need perfectly supplied, because we want something other than that?  That’s a dangerous place to get to.  That’s a heart-hardening and neck-stiffening place to get to, because then we resist God and His goodness and His way, and our vision gets distorted so that we only see what we don’t have instead of all that we do.

Can’t we just strive to get to a place where we’re satisfied with what the Lord has given us and be thankful for it instead of always lusting after something more or something else?  Can’t we pull our hearts away from those fleshly desires and onto our great God and find all we need in Him?  Are we willing to let go of a hunger for more that is outside of His will and instead rest in His will?  God not only provides for all of our physical needs, but He gave us His Son, our spiritual manna, exactly what we needed, perfectly able to cleanse us from our sins and unite us with our Father and give to us eternal life.  May that be enough for us, and may we never desire anything else besides Him.

Your thoughts?

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