Learning Scripture

Psalm 119:171-172
My lips shall utter praise, when thou hast taught me thy statutes.  My tongue shall speak of thy word: for all thy commandments are righteousness.

Studying God’s Word is like opening a door.  It’s inviting God in to speak to us, to teach us, to share with us from His place of holy wisdom and authority.  It’s a place to learn who He is and who we are and who He wants us to be and how we become who He wants us to be.  It’s a place that challenges us, to be sure, but it also comforts, encourages and strengthens us in ways nothing else can.  It contains the words of life, the way to life, and the way to an abundant life in our Lord.  And this living book is at work in us, but only if we pay attention to it.

So, how much do we value this gift from God, this record of what He wants us to know in order to live the best lives possible?  Is it something worth praising God for?  Does it evoke that kind of response from us, like it did the psalmist?  Are we thankful that God would choose to speak to us this way?  Are we glad to know those things He’s shared, even those that challenge us or are hard to accept or that we might not want to obey?

Our attitude toward God’s Word will be evident in how we treat it.  If it’s precious to us, we will praise God for it.  We’ll study it and spend time learning about what it says at home and at church.  We’ll give it a prominent place in our lives and follow what it says.  We’ll share with others what we’ve learned there.  If it’s not important to us, we’ll leave it mute and gathering dust.  We won’t spend ample time with it.  We won’t apply biblical principles to our lives.  We’ll disregard God by ignoring what He is saying to us.

Our Bibles allow us to hold absolute truth in our hands.  They contain priceless wisdom given to us by our Creator.  And they allow us to connect with God because they show us how to be right with Him.  So let’s rejoice in this treasure we have.  Let’s assign it the proper value in our lives.  Let’s be diligent in learning what it says.  And let’s be grateful that God cared enough to make His Word known unto us.

Your thoughts?

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