Our Cure

Psalm 147:2-3
The LORD doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel.  He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

God had created a perfect world and a perfect man, but sin undid that perfection and brought ruin and brokennes to every part of it.  It corrupted the heart of man and brought thorns, destruction and death to all.  And that sin continued to have an effect, ravaging creation, society, relationships and everything else that it touched.  It infected the nation of Israel and brought about the destruction of Jerusalem, the scattering of the people.  And it has reached our own hearts and lives even today, causing us to fail and fall and hurt.

But God makes everything right that had been so wrong.  He makes everything better that had been hurt or destroyed or ruined or scattered.  And He tends to it personally.  He undertakes Himself to fix and to heal and to care for what was broken.  Even though sin was not His fault, He gave us the solution for it.  Even though destruction came, He goes about to restore and to rebuild.  And when something comes along and wounds us, He intervenes on our behalf, dealing so tenderly with us, offering His healing for those things that hurt us most.  And when our hearts are completely shattered, He can make them new.

This is the perfect picture of Jesus and His ministry upon this earth.  He was not afraid to go near the hurting and walk amongst the sick.  He sought out every brokenhearted sinner He could find.  And when sin strikes our hearts, He is there with His cleansing blood to wash it away.  When the effects of sin have left our lives scarred, He is there with His ointment of peace.  He never hesitates to come right in the midst of our hurts and our brokenness to offer us healing and restoration.  He is ready with compassion and mercy.  And He is more than just a bandage for our wounds; He is the cure that goes down deep into the roots of whatever ails us.

Whatever our need, Jesus is there, and He is willing to come close and be involved in our lives.  And He is still working to make right all that had gone so wrong.  He’s brought redemption for sin.  He gives us new life.  He offers us His comfort and His love and the nearness of His presence and hope for that future day where everything will finally be completely restored, renewed and made whole like He’d always intended it to be.  So let us trust the medicine and the methods of our Great Physician, who alone can offer us what this broken world so desperately needs.