Be Generous

Proverbs 19:17
He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

God doesn’t usually rain down money from heaven to help those who are in need.  He gives to the poor through those who have something they can give to them.  He uses us to be the blessings and meet the needs.  He gives things into our hands that we are to then give into someone else’s hands.  When some poor soul has been praying to God to meet a need, we can come along with our offering and be the answer to their prayer.  What an amazing opportunity He gives us to have this part in His work.

Surely God has helped us when we were helpless and needy, so may we be willing to help others as God enables us to.  Let’s be gracious and generous with what God has blessed us with, and we will find that we ourselves never lack anything we need.  It’s just a matter of being willing to answer the call in any way we can.  It’s being available to God by saying, “Here, Lord, use what I have to meet that need.  You have so graciously blessed me, so allow me to be the channel for Your blessing to flow through.”  Let’s not ignore the Spirit’s prodding in our hearts to step up and do something for someone when we know they have a need.

That kind of heart and that kind of attitude works to everyone’s benefit.  The early church had goods in common so that no one went without.  And when we’re willing to share with others or even sacrifice for them, surely that kindness will be returned to us when we find ourselves in need.  Because it’s not just money or material things that we share with others, though that is often a common need, but there are all kinds of ways to fill all kinds of lacks that people have in their lives.

Our God has a generous heart, and He wants us to cultivate that same kind of heart in ourselves.  He blesses us so that we can bless others, and we are blessed by that ourselves.  God’s system and His plan works in total harmony so that everyone is taken care of.  He promises to meet our needs, and we can hold Him to that, but let us not refuse to be the source of blessing that He may be asking us to be.  Let’s be conscious and aware of the needs of people around us that God has enabled us to meet.

Your thoughts?

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