Our Commitment

Deuteronomy 26:17
Thou hast avouched the LORD this day to be thy God, and to walk in his ways, and to keep his statutes, and his commandments, and his judgments, and to hearken unto his voice:

Are we taking our commitment to God seriously?  When we accepted Christ as Savior, we made a commitment to Him.  We showed Him that we were willing to follow Him, that we wanted Him to be our God.  We accepted His promise of grace and gave up our right to ourselves.  And so we must consciously and deliberately decide to follow Him completely and wholeheartedly.

First of all, we have chosen to follow the one true God.  We have rejected all the false gods that abound in our world today within the false religions and cults.  But we must also cast out anything else in our lives that may have risen to the level of a god.  We can’t bow to a desire for wealth or popularity or some ideology and give that the most prominent place in our lives.  We can’t hold ourselves up as our own personal god and seek to fulfill our every desire at the cost of serving our Lord.

When we make a commitment to God, we must walk in His ways.  We must do what God says to do and do things how He wants them done.  His ways are the best ways.  They benefit us even if we don’t see how.  He has a purpose in everything that He instructs us to do.  So we must be willing to keep His commandments above all else and give Him the final authority in any decision we may make.  Anything outside of His ways will lead to failure and misery.  To walk in God’s ways is to commit every part of our lives to be in agreement with His standard.

We must keep God’s statutes, commandments, and judgments.  Even as Christians, we have a free will to do what we please.  But we’ll always find the most joy and the highest level of contentment when we are living in total obedience to God.  Obeying the Ten Commandments will spare us a lot of trouble.  Following Christ’s commands will lead to many blessings that result from a heart surrendered to His will instead of our own.

And we must hearken to God’s voice.  He always speaks to listening hearts.  But we must work on our relationship with Him.  We can hardly complain about not hearing from God if we aren’t looking to His Word or seeking His face in prayer.  We can hardly expect intimate fellowship in worship if we’re living outside of God’s will or allowing some sin to reign in our hearts.  And when He does speak to us, let’s be willing to do as He says and follow His guidance.

Let’s take a moment to renew our commitment to the Lord.  Let’s give Him His rightful place as God and seek to follow all that He commands.  Let’s make sure our conduct aligns with what He expects from us.  Let’s submit to Him in all areas of our lives.  And let’s always have a listening ear tuned to hear from Him.


Your thoughts?

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