Dining with Pharisees

Luke 7:36
And one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him.  And he went into the Pharisee’s house, and sat down to meat.

Jesus does not discriminate.  He is an equal-opportunity Savior, and He came to reach everyone with His message of love and forgiveness.  Just as the Pharisees criticized Him for eating with publicans and sinners, others might question why He would dine with a Pharisee.  But though they opposed Him and troubled Him and sought His harm, He still wanted them to believe on Him and listen and understand what He was saying.  He loved them just as He loved the publicans.  And just because they were Pharisees, that didn’t make them immune to Jesus’ teachings, because some did believe, like Nicodemus.

Let us also not discriminate who we choose to share the Gospel with.  Just because we think someone might not accept Jesus or believe on Him or listen to what we might say, let us not allow that to keep us from going and telling.  We cannot judge who is worthy to hear the message of salvation, but we are to share it with everyone.  Perhaps even those who most vocally oppose us will be exactly who we are called to minister to, even if it’s simply through a quiet testimony of showing love toward them when they show us hate.

Let us not limit our outreach only to those who come to us with open hearts eager to hear about the Lord, but let us also be willing to go into “enemy territory,” those places where the truth may not be so easily accepted.  Let’s be open to having conversations and spending time with lost people in order that we may point them to Jesus.  Jesus certainly didn’t spend all of his time only teaching His disciples, but He ministered to all different kinds of people.  And he sought out opportunities to touch the lost with His love.

May we follow Jesus’ example no matter where it may lead us or who it may lead us to.  It just may be that a person we try to avoid is just the person we’re supposed to witness to.  It just may be that someone we have cast off as unreachable is the person God would have us to reach for Him.  It just may be that an invitation to dinner that we turn down would have been an opportunity to see God work in someone’s heart through us.  Let us open our hearts to the Spirit’s leading and obey His call to minister to people all around us.


Your thoughts?

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