Bearing It All

1 Corinthians 13:7
[Charity] beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

It is easy to see Christ in Paul’s description of charity.  He truly bore all things for us.  The heavier the load, the more His love is revealed.  He bore persecution and ridicule and many personal attacks during His ministry on Earth.  Though many opposed Him, He withstood it all because He knew the end goal was the cross.  He bore the painful scourging, the beatings, all with us on His mind.  He bore the cross and the nails and the crown of thorns.  And on top of all of that, He bore our sins—the heavy weight of billions of people’s multitude of sin.

How Jesus bore all of this reveals another aspect of His love, for He bore it all patiently, willingly, and without retaliation.  That He bore it at all reveals the magnitude of His love.  It could have only been a great love that spurred Him up that hill with a heavy cross on His bleeding back.  And what made Christ’s burdens bearable was that the end result was worth it to Him.  Our redemption, salvation, and reconciliation was worth everything that He endured.

Will we reciprocate that same love back to Christ?  Will we bear all things that He asks us to?  Because no matter what it is, when we look at it, we’ll see what a small thing it is to bear compared to what He already endured for us.  He may call us to bear responsibility, whether in ministry or raising a family or some kind of service for Him.  He may call us to bear a burden of some kind—a health problem, a tragic loss, financial difficulty.  But whatever He gives us to bear, we know that He is with us to help carry the load, to enable us to accomplish whatever the task.  He’s promised never to leave us and assures us that His burden is light.

Whatever trials we are called to, whatever attacks we must withstand, whatever suffering we endure, it is all worth it because it is for Jesus.  We can patiently accept anything that may come along in the course of our walk with Him. His love for us is eternal, and He will still bear our burdens with us today, so we should never be afraid to bring them to Him.  And like Christ, we should also help others bear their burdens, endure their trials in life, and show forth our love in this tangible way.


Your thoughts?

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