Forsaking All

Luke 14:33
So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.

It must be determined in our hearts that nothing will come before the Lord in our lives.  Our dedication to Him must be above all else.  Our pursuit of Him must be the first desire of our heart.  Our earthly relationships should pale in comparison to the glory of being with our Lord, obeying Him, living for Him.  We must forsake possessions and passions.  All we have we must offer back to him, not only material things, but our talents and desires.  We must forsake any bit of self that remains, leave it behind on the wayside and let nothing hold us back from following Christ wholeheartedly.

We must utterly cast off, especially, any sin—anything we would seek or say or do that goes against God’s way.  All unrighteousness must be disposed of.  A clean sweep must be done.  A complete inventory must be taken.  Every dark corner must be examined.  Any sin left untouched within our hearts will be an infection and a hindrance to our relationship with the Lord.  Any area reserved for our sinful enjoyment will turn into a thorn that hurts us and puts a distance between us and Him.

We may say it’s hard to live such a life, and indeed it is not the easy path to take.  But if we loved the Lord as much as we love ourselves, it would be easy to follow no matter where He may lead, to give up some things that are precious to us, to take a path without knowing where it might take us.  If our love for Christ surpassed our love for anyone else, any sacrifice would be easy, any perceived loss would be counted a blessing.  It would be a joy both to serve and to suffer for His righteous cause.

And when our heart attitude gets to that place, we are more full than we could have ever thought, and our lives are blessed in ways we couldn’t have attained on our own.  The fullness of life in Christ may even surprise us, but it is worth seeking.  Maybe there is something in our lives that God has given to us in order to see if we will give it up for Him.  Maybe there is a choice to make at a diverging path where one road leads us closer to God and one leads us farther than we’ve ever been from Him.  Let’s ask Jesus to help and enable us to make those right choices, to forsake all He would have us to and live as disciples of Christ.


Your thoughts?

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