Choosing to Believe

Jeremiah 43:2-4
Then spake Azariah the son of Hoshaiah, and Johanan the son of Kareah, and all the proud men, saying unto Jeremiah, Thou speakest falsely: the LORD our God hath not sent thee to say, Go not into Egypt to sojourn there:  But Baruch the son of Neriah setteth thee on against us, for to deliver us into the hand of the Chaldeans, that they might put us to death, and carry us away captives into Babylon.  So Johanan the son of Kareah, and all the captains of the forces, and all the people, obeyed not the voice of the LORD, to dwell in the land of Judah.

All around us, people are seeking the truth.  It’s a terrible feeling to feel like we’ve been lied to, whether it’s by politicians or other people in power, the media, even friends and family.  We want to know things for sure and feel like we can trust what people are saying to us.  The people in Jeremiah’s day were seeking the truth.  They had asked him what God would say to them and promised to obey whatever He would command.  But when God’s word came through Jeremiah, it wasn’t what they wanted to hear, and so they called him a liar and went and did what they wanted to do.

Why were the people so unwilling to trust the word of God given by His prophet Jeremiah?  They listened to the false prophets because they told them what they wanted to hear.  And though it seemed like they had hearts that were willing to obey God, in reality, their pride caused them to think they knew better than Him what to do.   The truth isn’t always easy to take.  That’s why we have to trust in God no matter what.  What He asks of us may not make sense from a human perspective, as we try to reason for ourselves the best course of action.  We just have to remember that God can see far beyond what we can, and He knows infinitely more than we do, even about our own circumstances.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, God’s Word is always true.  He is a trustworthy source who will never deceive us or lead us astray.  It’s disobedience that leads us into trouble and drives our hearts far from being able to discern the truth of God’s words to us.  If we are living outside of God’s will and seeking our own way, His words won’t make sense to us.  His truth will seem like deception.  Not believing God is dangerous territory to venture into, for if we never turn back from that path, it will eventually lead us to our own destruction.

Let’s recommit ourselves to trusting God and trusting what He says.  He really does want what is best for us.  We can go to His Word as a source of truth in a confusing, dishonest world.  His precious Word is something that we can safely rely on no matter what others may say.  God cannot and will not lie, so it is up to us to choose to believe what He says.


Your thoughts?

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