Psalm 119:162
I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.

The hunt for treasure seems to be a desire as old as mankind.  Stories are told throughout the centuries of those dedicating their lives in search of some valuable treasure.  Even today, people risk all they have and maybe even their lives in search of gold or something that can make them rich.  Sometimes in our own lives we may feel compelled to seek out some precious treasure, something special and valuable we can have for ourselves.  The treasure we may seek may not be silver or gold, but perhaps some special knowledge, a special relationship, a certain status or achievement more valuable than gold to he who seeks it.  These kinds of treasures we seek may remain elusive all of our lives.

There is one place we can always be sure to find a valuable treasure.  God’s Word is a deep well of priceless truths, wisdom, encouragement and guidance for our lives.  With each new discovery, we rejoice as much as those who have just found a great spoil.  The spoils of war were often great for the nation of Israel.  As God commanded them to destroy entire cities and peoples, they were often able to claim all their possessions as their own.  Their wealth immediately increased, and they rejoiced over what they had gained.  In the same way, we can hold fast to the Word of God as our own precious possession, and our lives are always enriched by it in some way.

As we study through God’s Word and spend any time in sweet meditation, God speaks to our hearts in a special way.  He reveals relevant truths for our particular circumstances.  He may show us an answer to a question we’ve been struggling with.  He soothes our heart with a word of comfort after we’ve gone astray.  Our wisdom increases, as does our fellowship with our Father.  And we can rejoice in these discoveries, these nuggets of truth and inspiration, for in them we have a treasure whose value can never be counted.

Let’s be sure to put the proper value on the Word of God.  It is the holy Word from God Himself for our benefit and instruction.  Its pages are filled with everything we could ever need to know.  There’s no need to go to a far-off place or dig thousands of feet underground.  All we need to spend is time.  Let’s rejoice over what God has given to us and not take for granted His completed Word and all it offers to us.


Your thoughts?

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