Our God and Our Guide

Psalm 48:14
For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.

What a comforting thought.  What a glorious truth.  What peace it evokes, what encouragement to know that God is with us forever.  As long as we live, He is our guide.  There is no better guide, for He possesses all wisdom and power.  He leads us in the proper paths and carries us when we cannot manage on our own.  He gives us wisdom to find our way, to know where to go.  His vision surpasses ours so greatly that He knows what awaits us and prepares us ahead of time to handle whatever we may face down the road.  Like a guardrail, He protects us from going over the edge, and like a sign, He shows us the route to take.

But He’s not just a guide; He is our God—our Creator and our All-in-All—and not just until we die, but forever and ever.  Once we are God’s children, there can never be a moment where He ceases to be our God.  As long as we live, as long as we draw breath on this Earth, our God is with us.  Every moment holds His presence.  He will never leave us.  He will never go too far ahead or let us leave Him too far behind.

And as much as we want Him to be our God, He wants to be our God.  He wants us to recognize Him as such, to give Him that authority, to yield to His guidance.  And as our hearts stir with the love we feel shed abroad from our beautiful Lord, we give Him that honor.  We bow before Him.  We surrender to Him.  We submit all to Him and for Him.

How wonderful is that word “forever.”  For even when our life on Earth is done, our time with God is just beginning.  There will be a new fellowship with Him far sweeter than we can imagine.  There will be a greater glory revealed much brighter than the dim image we can make out from here.  There will be a joy overflowing that our bodies now could not contain, an intimacy so precious that our fleshly minds could never comprehend it.

As we go about our days and our lives, let’s cling to that thought and the hope that it holds.  No matter where we are, God is there.  No matter what we’re in the midst of, God is there.  He is our God and He is our guide forever.  Let’s gladly give Him that role and that place in our lives.  Let’s recognize the privilege that it is to call upon our God.  And let’s eagerly anticipate our eternity with Him.


Your thoughts?

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