Pray for Us

1 Thessalonians 5:25
Brethren, pray for us.

Often in his writings, Paul talks about how he continuously prays for people, how they are daily in his prayers, both individuals and churches.  And then he asks them to pray for him and his companions, as well, as they continue on in their ministry and calling.  Paul understood that prayer was something necessary.  It is something we all need, and it is something we can all give for others.

Prayer is an important thing that unites us as God’s church, His children, believers in Christ.  We can pray for people no matter how far away they are.  We can pray for people without them ever realizing that we do so.  We can lift up the needs of friends and strangers.  We can pray for those who are lost and those who already know Jesus.  We can pray anytime and anywhere.

When we do pray, we seek God’s will, His best, His help for others.  We bring needs before Him.  We entrust different situations to His care.  We ask for His power upon them and His provision for them.  We ask God to enable the work to go forward so more will be saved and God will get the glory.  We can ask God to work in and through the lives of people as we labor for Him in this world.

Prayer is something that makes a big difference in our lives when others pray for us.  And it is something we can do to be a blessing to others.  So are we taking time to pray for needs we’re aware of, struggles people have, the work of God’s church?  Do we understand how important it is to take advantage of this resource that unites us with our Father and those for whom we pray?  May prayer be something we engage in throughout the day, interceding and making our requests known to our Father in heaven.

Your thoughts?

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