A Sovereign God

Psalm 115:2-3
Wherefore should the heathen say, Where is now their God?  But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.

Maybe this is a good reminder for us at times.  God is not a puppet on our strings.  He is not there to do our bidding.  We do not control Him, and we can’t manipulate Him.  God is God.  He does as He pleases.  He acts in accordance to His own will and His own nature.  He dwells on high, in the highest place, surrounded by His glory.

Our God is not like the idols of the other nations.  He’s not like a statue in a room, but He is a God who transcends the earth and the heavens.  He is a God who is everywhere all at once, a God with no limits and no weaknesses.  He is a God beyond what could be contained, and He is even beyond our full understanding.  He is the God in control of our world and in control of our lives.

And just because we cannot see God physically does not mean there isn’t evidence of Him all around.  That doesn’t mean He cannot be known.  That doesn’t mean He is not aware of us and involved in what is happening here.  He is invisible but not absent.  He is beyond our vision, but He’s present here with us.  His Spirit dwells in the hearts of believers.  He speaks His Word into our broken world.  His fingerprints are upon all of creation.  And His glory is evident in His working in our lives.

God is sovereign.  His will must be done.  He answers to no one.  He is almighty God.  But He also humbles Himself to look upon us.  He pours out love and mercy into our lives.  He is gracious and generous.  He hears our cries, and He intercedes on our behalf.  And He does those things, then, because He chooses to, because it pleases Him to interact with us and to be part of our lives and to have a relationship with us.  So can’t we just surrender all to Him, trust Him fully, and pour out our worship and praise to Him?

Your thoughts?

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