Luke 12:24
Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?

Jesus invites us here to think about a very basic truth.  The ravens do not plant a garden and raise crops.  They do not store up an abundant harvest for later, but what do they do?  They depend on God.  They depend on Him moment by moment and day by day to supply their needs.  As we go about our lives hardly noticing what is happening around us, there is a God watching over His creation and watching out for His creatures.  There is a God fully aware of everything that is happening here.

So let’s think about the world and how it works and what God is doing in it.  Let’s think about His place and His role.  Let’s think about how much goes on, mostly unseen or unnoticed by us, and start to consider our relationship with God, how He sees us, how He works in our lives, and how He is interacting with us.  And if we truly believe He is the God of all and He is a God who keeps His promises and He is the God who told us He will take care of us, then it comes down to a matter of trust.

We do not always have to produce something on our own, but we can trust God to supply.  We don’t need to have enough for tomorrow today, but we can be content with today’s portion.  How freeing it would be to live in such a way where our possessions did not own us, but we appreciated what we had and simply trusted God to do as He says He will do, what He desires to do because He loves us so much.  Then we won’t worry about stockpiling more and more for ourselves, but we can be used to help provide for others as God has provided for us.

With a loose hold on stuff, we can be more concerned with serving God and others and doing good with what God has given to us.  With our minds focused less on those concerns about things, we can focus more on His important work.  With a strong faith in God and His promises, we can have peace and contentment no matter what.  And when we’re looking to God always for all things, we really will live the best kind of life.

Your thoughts?

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