Giving Small

Mark 12:42
And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.

What was so significant about this widow’s seemingly small offering?  It had nothing to do with the amount, because that certainly wasn’t impressive.  It wasn’t really what she gave, but more how she gave it.  She gave willingly.  No one forced her to do it.  Maybe no one but Jesus even noticed that she gave at all.  She gave in obedience.  She gave sacrificially.  She gave all she had, but it was what God had given to her, so it was worth it to her to give.

But that poor widow was also willing to give small.  She went to the effort even though it wasn’t a lot.  She didn’t think it was too insignificant to bring her two mites to the Lord.  She would give her offering even if it was less than what others brought, even if they might look down upon her, and despite what anyone would think about her.  She knew in her heart it was the right thing to do.

Are we willing to give small?  It’s not just about giving financially.  Sometimes we might feel like whatever we have to offer is too insignificant to matter, too little to make a difference.  Sometimes we may feel like what we have is not enough to do any good, and so we might not even try or we might not even go or we might not even give.  If we compare what we have to what others can give, we might be too disheartened to bother.  If we focus on amounts, we may be too ashamed by what we have to pull it out and offer it to the Lord.

Jesus commends this widow for her offering.  He holds her up as an example to His disciples.  He understood her circumstances.  He knew how much she had.  He knew the heart behind the gift.  And He knows who we are, who He made us to be.  He knows what we have to offer, what we can give to Him.  And even if it seems so small to us and not worth much at all, when we willingly and gladly give it to the Lord, He accepts it from us.  Let’s not be afraid to give small or to give all, as long as we are doing it out of love for Jesus.

Your thoughts?

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