Repost: Not Alone

Psalm 102:7
I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.

Surely we’ve all been that sparrow on the housetop at one time or another.  Maybe we feel forsaken or that there is no one to turn to.  Maybe it seems like everyone has abandoned us or no one cares that we’re out here on our own.  Maybe we look around and everyone else has their flock or their cluster and we’re the only ones sitting by ourselves.  Sometimes it’s hard to be alone, but often it’s harder to feel so alone, to feel like God’s not even there and somehow there is a large distance between us and Him.

When we get to those low places of discouragement, let’s remember that the way we feel doesn’t change the truth that God is near.  When we feel like it’s not worth crying out, let’s remember that God will hear our prayers, even if we can’t muster more than a word.  When it seems like everyone else has abandoned us, let’s remember that God will never leave us.  And when we have no strength to fly, when we feel we can hardly go on, let us remember that He is the source of our strength.

Maybe we’re in a place where we feel vulnerable.  Maybe we’re one little sparrow in a big, bad world and enemies are all around us.  Even then there’s no reason to despair, because God is an almighty God, an all-powerful God who can defeat any enemy who threatens our safety.  He is our shelter and our sturdy ground, and there is no need to be afraid.  We will not fall to the ground without His eye upon us.  He sees every tear and He knows exactly what is going on in our lives.  He knows where we are because we are never out of His sight.  And He is our protector, enveloping us in His love.

So many times appearances are deceiving.  When it seems like we’re all alone, God and His host are working behind the scenes.  Our faithful God is with us.  His presence will surround us to comfort and encourage our longing, aching hearts.  His grace is available to soothe our fears and ease our worried minds.  So let’s hold fast to the truths we know about God and who He is, what His Word tells us about Him, and not allow disheartening circumstances to overwhelm us.

Your thoughts?

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