First Thing

Luke 21:38
And all the people came early in the morning to him in the temple, for to hear him.

Why is it important to come to the Lord in the morning, to seek Him early, and to go first thing into His presence?  First of all, because He deserves the firstfruits of our time.  That is something that can be set aside especially for Him, that freshest and best part of the day where we can focus on Him before our minds and hearts are filled with other cares and concerns.  We don’t even have to go far to simply enter into His presence expectantly to learn of Him and to hear His voice and His Word.  But we must purposely seek, or else the responsibilities of life will consume us and we’ll give Him the leftovers instead.

We must seek the Lord early because, honestly, we just need Him to get through our day.  Life in this world isn’t easy.  Life in our flesh isn’t easy.  And we’re not going to make it on our own.  And that sacred time with Jesus in the morning invigorates us with His life and His strength and His wisdom for whatever we will face.  And who knows what kinds of situations may arise that we wouldn’t be able to properly handle if we had not made it a point to sit quietly with the Lord before rushing into our day.

But most of all, may we come early simply because we have a longing to be with our Lord—a thirst, a hunger, a desire for Him where that time with Him is like breakfast for our souls to satisfy the hunger produced in the interim.  It is a privilege we have to go boldly before His throne.  It is a gift that we have His Spirit within to lead and guide us through His Word.  It is a joyful blessing that we can know Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him, to abide in Him and share in that love and dwell near to Him.

God gives us many promises in His Word about how He responds to us.  When we draw near to Him, He draws near to us.  When we seek Him, He can be found.  When we seek Him above all, other things are added unto us.  When we come unto Him, we find rest for our souls, peace in the storms, and the answers for life.  So may we come seeking Him early.  May we dedicate that first and freshest part of our day in sweet communion and fellowship with our Savior.  May we talk with Him and learn of Him and treasure those things we find and the relationship that is formed in those precious hours with Him.

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