Not Enough

Matthew 14:16-18
But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat.  And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two fishes.  He said, Bring them hither to me.

Isn’t this our constant realization?  We don’t have enough.  Jesus asks us to do something, and our first response often is, “I don’t have enough.”  We don’t have enough food to feed a multitude.  We don’t have enough money to do this.  We don’t have enough ability to do that.  We don’t have enough time or enough talent or enough strength.  But Jesus isn’t asking us to have enough within ourselves or on our own.  He’s asking us to give what we have and depend on Him for the rest.  He does the hard part.  He fills in the gaps.  He supplies.  He makes it all possible.

We have so little to offer, really.  On the grand scale of things, we are throwing a few loaves at a starving multitude.  We may have good intentions.  We may truly desire to help people and meet needs and be a blessing.  We may earnestly desire to offer a solution, to serve, to obey.  But the reality is, we look down at what we have, all that we could manage to scrape together, and it seems like nothing at all, never enough to do any good or make any real difference.

But when we have Jesus, too, then we can make a difference.  Then we can accomplish something.  Then what we do will matter.  No matter the situation and no matter how overwhelming it at first may seem, we always have whatever we can bring to it and Jesus, and that is always more than enough.  As long as Jesus is part of the equation, we’ll come out ahead every time.

The disciples had more than five loaves and two fish, but they didn’t realize it, because with Jesus, they had an endless supply.  He wants us to take part in what He is doing, but He’s not asking us to do it by ourselves.  Jesus wasn’t going to ask a hungry multitude to stay and not give them what they needed.  He wasn’t going to ask the disciples to meet that need without enabling them to do so.  And whatever Jesus asks of us, though we may lack what is necessary, we can trust Him for all those things we don’t have enough of.