How Much We Matter

Psalm 144:3-4
LORD, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him! or the son of man, that thou makest account of him!  Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away.

We are just insignificant specks, little dots in the scope of the universe, a blip in the scope of eternity.  Compared to those big and infinite things, we are literally almost nothing.  Like a shadow that passes away, we last for such a short time and have such little substance to our lives.  We’re alive and gone so fast.  Our lives don’t take up much space in the timeline of the world.  It seems like our lives carry hardly any weight or value.

So looking at it like this, in the grand scheme of things, God shouldn’t care about us that much.  We shouldn’t really matter that much.  So doesn’t that just make His love and care for us all the more amazing and wonderful?  Because in reality, we do matter to Him, and He wants a relationship with us.  He wants to be our God and for us to be His people.

Our God is a God of details.  He pays attention to the lowest, the smallest, the most insignificant, and He is the one who gives our short lives their significance.  He notices us as we pass through our time on Earth.  He knows us for the duration, short as it may be.  He is intensely interested in our lives, and it’s not because we are particularly special.  It’s because He made us, and He cares about us and where we’re going to spend eternity, because He wants us to spend eternity with Him.  And more than revealing anything about us, that fact simply reveals His greatness, mercy, love, and goodness even more.

In the end, we may feel like our lives here don’t really add up to much.  Sometimes it may feel like our time here really doesn’t matter when we still have eternity to come.  And though our focus is to be on eternal things, that doesn’t make our lives here meaningless.  So even though our lives may seem so short and like there’s nothing to them at all, let’s seek to make the most of them for the Lord.  And soon, when we go to be with Him, we’ll find out just how much our lives here mattered.

Your thoughts?

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