The True God

Psalm 46:7
The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.  Selah.

It’s not just any god, some generic and general god, that is with us, but it is this God, the sure and faithful one, the one who we’ve seen working so much and so powerfully throughout the pages of Scripture.  The Lord of hosts stands beside us, the commander of the angel armies, the one who controls heaven and earth, the one behind all the forces that could ever possibly come against us.  And our refuge is the God of Jacob, the one who delivers and saves, the one who redeems and provides, the one who leads and guides.

The God on our side is the almighty one who is so full of mercy and grace and love and yet has reserved His terrible power and wrath for His enemies, the one we should fear and tremble before, the holy one who deserves all reverence and praise, glory and honor.  This is the God we can trust in and bow before.  This is the God who made us, who saved us, who will be so near to us, who will come as close as we will let Him.  He is the consuming fire and the still small voice, the creator and the destroyer, the giver and the taker.  And He’s become our refuge, our strong fortress and our shield, and He’s the one who fights on our behalf.

What did we think at first, that it was some god of stone that is no god, some helpless idol, some made-up deity?  Let’s not act like that is the kind of God we are depending on.  Let’s not treat the God of Jacob like we would those others.  He is the one who stands beside us, the one who is our strength, the one who is our God.  He is the one who is greater than everything, greater than we could hope for Him to be, more than we could imagine.  He is the Most High, the King of kings, the true and living God.

And we’ve seen Him at work before, seen His power and His might.  We’ve seen what He’s been able to do, how He’s delivered, how He judged and how He saved.  We’ve seen Him give and love and deal so tenderly with us.  We’ve seen Him shake the foundations of the world and pour out His wrath.  We’ve seen Him sacrifice His most precious for us.  And we’ve been able to know Him.  So let us not be afraid and let us not give up.  Let us not be shaken and let us always remember exactly who it is that is with us.

Your thoughts?

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