Where Is Our Hope?

Psalm 39:7
And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee.

There are many kinds of situations that can come into our lives that will prove where our hope is, what we’re trusting in.  What we look to for strength in trials shows what we’re depending on.   Where we go for answers when questions come shows what we are relying on.  Who we reach for when our hurts are big and our struggles seem so overwhelming reveals a lot about where our faith lies.  And it is often in those moments that seem so hopeless that we see just who or what we can find hope in.

Are we trusting in ourselves?  Do we dig deep and try to unearth some answer from deep within the core of ourselves?  Do we search our minds for solutions.  Do we seek our solace in some past experience or victory we feel we were able to achieve?  Do we charge ahead just somehow trying to come up with the right thing to do?  Most of us like to think of ourselves as capable people.  We can take care of ourselves.  We accomplish things.  But ultimately the source of our abilities and strength doesn’t come from within ourselves, and so many things come along that are totally beyond us.

Or maybe we look to other people, hoping their wisdom can help us or what they have can make up for what we lack.  Maybe we think if we have enough money that that will solve all our problems and give us some foundation or security.  Maybe we look to a government or some political entity to solve our problems or make changes that we think will improve our circumstances.  Or we might even turn to some worldly wisdom, hoping it can lead us in the right direction.

But there is only one sure place to put our hope, and it is so sure that we can bank everything on it.  When our hope is in God, it doesn’t matter what is happening to us or around us.  When our faith is in the Almighty God of all, it doesn’t matter what we have within us or what we lack.  When we’re depending on God, we’ll never go it alone and we’ll never come up empty and we’ll never walk away without exactly what we need.  When our hope is in God, it is not resting on something unstable or flimsy, but on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ and all that He is.  And truly for any situation, trial, or need in our lives, He is enough.  So let us ask ourselves if our hope is in the right place.

Your thoughts?

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