Psalm 119:105
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

If we were walking somewhere at night, it would be impossible to stick to a certain path without some kind of light to guide us.  Even if the path was very obvious and well-marked, without being able to see, we could easily wander away from it.  And as we make our way through what can often be a dark and confusing world, the Bible is that light that keeps us on the path that God wants us to follow.  It shows us the way so we don’t diverge from the set road He would have us take that leads toward righteousness and holiness.  It illuminates the steps we should take and helps us navigate the twists and turns that come along.

The problem is that we don’t always take advantage of the vast wisdom that is available to us.  Instead of grabbing the flashlight as we head out into the night, we pridefully think we’ll be able to make it on our own.  Instead of relying on what God has given to us, we try to guess our way into making right decisions.  Instead of paying attention to what He has provided to us, we may try to follow someone else, or perhaps we are even misguided by the deceptive signs that Satan puts up to try to lead us astray.

But the truth is, if we really want to follow God, we have to pay attention to His Word.  We have to know it and apply it so that we are going the way He wants us to go.  But we have to understand that His Word shows the path at our feet and not always the destination.  It’s a walk by faith taken one step at a time.  It’s a beam of light aimed at our feet that ensures us we won’t trip or stumble as we keep moving forward.  It’s a spotlight that doesn’t always show us what we’ll face in the future, but ensures we can navigate the place we are right now.

Are we relying on the light of God’s Word to lead us in the way that we should go?  Are we trusting it to lead us to the path that God wants us to follow, or have we perhaps wandered and strayed a little bit?  The thing about God is that He doesn’t corral us into a fenced-in pen and force us to go where He wants us to.  He gives us the freedom to make our own choice, but He also provides everything we need to follow the path He’s chosen for us.  Let’s keep those lamps burning by being diligent in our study of His Word so we are sure to go the right way.

Your thoughts?

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