Learning from God

Psalm 119:68
Thou art good, and doest good; teach me thy statutes.

We often seek to pattern our lives after others who have been successful at what we want to accomplish.  If someone is successful in business, we want to know how they did it.  If someone loses weight, we want to know what worked for them.  Anytime someone accomplishes something, we want to know how it was done so that we can try to achieve the same results.  If we want to be obedient children of God, we must learn from God the proper way to go about it.  If we want to be good and do good, we must learn from God, who is good and does good.

Some people who achieve success desire to keep the keys to their success a secret.  They don’t want others to be able to emulate what they were able to accomplish or they try to profit from teaching others what they did.  But God wants us to succeed.  He wants us to be continually sanctified during our time on Earth.  And He is a willing teacher to all who would be willing students.  We can ask God to teach us His statutes.  We look to His Word to learn all about Him and His ways.  He instructs our hearts and minds, sometimes through difficult lessons, but always with our own benefit as a result.

Let’s go into our devotions with a heart open to God’s instruction for us.  Let’s enter every Bible study, Sunday school class, and church service with our hearts and minds open and willing and expecting to hear from God, to learn of Him and His ways, to see what He would have us to know and apply to our lives.  If we go into it desiring to know more, God will honor that and bless us with whatever wisdom we seek.

If we want to follow God, let’s follow His ways.  Other Christians can be examples and helps to us, but let’s be sure to keep our focus on God, who is good, does good, and wants to teach us all about doing good and being good ourselves.  Let’s spend as much time with Him and His Word as we can, trusting Him to guide us to the truth.  And then we can apply those truths to be the obedient, faithful children He would have us to be.


Your thoughts?

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