God’s Timing

Matthew 14:24-25
But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.  And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.

The disciples had been toiling in the boat for a long time.  The winds were blowing hard upon them.  They were struggling tremendously, probably fearful, weakened, and discouraged.  And Jesus knew all about what they were going through.  He was praying on the mountain, maybe even praying for them, and yet He seemed so far at that moment.  He could have gone with them in the first place, but He sent them on ahead.  He could have come sooner, yet He lingered in prayer until they were in the midst of the sea.  He could have calmed the winds from the shore, yet He waited until He walked out to where they were.

A lot of times when we are facing a difficult situation, we cry out to God and ask for His help.  We say, “Lord, help me,” but what we mean is, “Lord, help me right now.”  But sometimes God makes us wait, even if we never understand why.  He always has a purpose, and sometimes we can look back on a situation and find what it was and sometimes we can’t.  But we have to trust Him to know when is right, because He always has perfect timing.

Perhaps there is a lesson we need to learn.  Perhaps there is some strength we need to build up from enduring something difficult.  Perhaps our faith needs to grow as we wait on God.  Perhaps we need to experience something now that will enable us to better face something harder down the road.  Maybe we just simply need something that we can look back to and see that it was worth the wait that time and will be next time.

The disciples were doing everything that they could do in the situation they found themselves in.  They were in the middle of the water and had no choice but to keep on rowing.  They had no power to stop the wind, so they had to accept it as it came and work through it as best they could.  Our lives won’t be easy, and those contrary winds will hit us, and sometimes we’ll be powerless and have no choice but to keep on rowing and waiting.  So may we endure with patience, trusting that God knows what is best and knowing that He will deliver us in His own perfect timing.


2 thoughts on “God’s Timing

  1. Rachel, Your devotion for today seems like it was written just for me. I have to believe our
    Heavenly Father has a reason for me to be going through everything I am coping with and
    in His time His will will be done. I just need to keep the faith and trust Him. I know He is with
    me through it all.


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