Made Righteous

Romans 5:19
For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

Two perfect examples are available for us in Scripture in Adam and Jesus.  Adam is our example of disobedience and the shame and suffering and punishment that comes from that.  But Jesus is our example of obedience, the one who never went astray from God’s perfect plan for His life, the only one who ever made it through this life without a stain upon His soul, the one who shows us what a life following God is supposed to be like.  Of course, we can never attain Christ’s perfection during our lives here, but we can still follow His example.

The result of Adam’s disobedience is felt today in our world that seems so saturated with sin.  We feel it in our own lives as we struggle to overcome the flesh as it fights for control over the spirit.  We experience it in our own tendency to fail and disobey God, even though what is expected of us is clearly spelled out.  We still find ourselves choosing wrong things, and it all stems from that first time Adam did what God told him not to.  And the effects of that first sin have been carried down to us today.

But when we trust Christ, we can experience the results of His obedience in our own lives.  Him doing what we never could makes us righteous as a result.  We get to feel the grace of God upon our lives.  We get to know the peace and joy that comes from perfect obedience even though we weren’t the ones who obeyed in every situation.  We can stand righteous before God even though we weren’t the ones who never sinned.  And eventually, we will forsake these fleshly bodies and finally experience a sinless body and a sinless life when we go to be with our Lord.

Disobedience is a part of life in this fallen world, but we can still strive for obedience.  Let us look to Christ as our ultimate example and seek to be like Him in every way.  Let us pattern our lives after His.  Let us make decisions based on what He says.  And let us trust Him to guide us in the way we should go.  Praise God that as He watched Adam sin, He already had the solution for it.  The plan was decided upon long before it was ever needed, and through His grace, we can experience the freedom of Christ’s righteousness in our lives today.


Your thoughts?

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