Needed Reminders

Luke 24:8-9
And they remembered his words, And returned from the sepulchre, and told all these things unto the eleven, and to all the rest.

Sometimes we just need reminders of the Word of God, things we’ve heard before but were not yet able to apply to our lives.  Sometimes as we get to a new phase of our lives, we are better able to learn a lesson we were previously not prepared for.  Or perhaps sometimes we are just forgetful hearers and need to be reminded of what the Lord has told us before.  It’s not always that we need some new revelation, but maybe we just need to remember what He has already told us.

Jesus had been preparing His disciples for this moment.  He told them not only about His death, but also about His resurrection, but they never understood exactly what He was saying.  And now as the women come to the tomb expecting to anoint a body, the angels remind them of what Jesus had already told them.  And through His Word today, God speaks to us, and He prepares us.  And He shares with us things that we need to know that are vital to us living a life pleasing to Him.  And often He brings a chapter or a verse to our minds just when we need it most, prodding us to remember His words.

And once we remember Jesus’ words to us, we can move forward.  We can put these things into practice in our own lives and allow these resurrected truths to affect us and change us and mold us in new ways.  We can share with others the lessons we’ve learned.  We can impact other people’s lives with the words of truth from Jesus Himself and have a positive influence on those around us, sharing with them the words of life that can change their lives, as well.

Let us turn to the Word of God over and over again.  Let us not allow the truths contained in this precious book to lie dormant and unmoving in our hearts.  But may we instead open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds and seek to learn more of Him and grow in Him.  May we store up this valuable treasure in our hearts so that we have it to draw upon when we need it.  Let us allow it to work in us as only it can and produce fruit that honors and glorifies our Father.  No matter what we are facing, let us remember our Lord’s words to us, as they can give us just what we need to keep on going.


Your thoughts?

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