Used By God

Matthew 10:7-8
And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

Jesus was constantly molding these men He had made apostles.  He was teaching and instructing them, but He was also a living example, demonstrating the work that needed to be done and that they themselves could do through His power.  When He sends them out, He sends them to do all the things He had already been doing—preaching, healing, resurrecting, and casting out demons.  He enabled them.  He filled them with power, and they were not to be stingy with it.  He gave it to them so they could use it to impact the lives of others.

What a thrill it is to be used by God.  What a joy to be sent out by the Lord to minister to others in the same ways that He had ministered to them.  What power has Jesus given to us to use liberally in the lives of those around us?  What has He asked of us?  What missions of ministry has He commissioned us for?  He doesn’t ask of us something He hasn’t done Himself, and He doesn’t send us without His power and blessing upon us.  What He needs is willing hearts and people who will go and put in the work and effort.

Maybe we haven’t been called to be a preacher or a missionary, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t called by God to some specific purpose.  Maybe it’s right where we are.  Maybe the people we’re supposed to minister to are those we see and interact with every day.  Maybe our mission field is our neighborhood, our workplace, our own home.

But then perhaps we feel like we don’t have anything to offer.  But as children of God, we’ve been given salvation and forgiveness.  We’ve been shown the love of God and experienced His mercy.  We have freely received these things, and so we should freely give them.  We can share the Gospel, the important message of freedom from sin that God invites everyone to hear and understand.  But then we also have our own unique testimony and experiences and gifts from God that we can freely give.  We can make a difference to someone else who needs exactly what we can offer them.

There wasn’t anything uniquely special about the 12 disciples.  One of them wasn’t even a true believer.  But Jesus chose them, enabled them, and sent them out with His power upon them to do great things in His name.  That’s all He wants from us, as well—to continue His work, to spread His Word, and to go forth in His power to touch the lives of those we encounter everywhere we go.


Your thoughts?

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