Sacrifice of Praise

Psalm 50:14-15
Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High: And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

Our God is the Lord of all creation.  He made everything that was made, and it is His.  That’s why our praises are so special to Him: Our praise is something God can’t take for Himself, but we have to give it to Him willingly.  Thanksgiving is something that we owe to Him, but He will not pry it from us.  It must be offered like a sacrifice with a recognition that He has been so very good to us though we’ve wandered and failed.  He’s provided our every need though we’ve taken things for granted.  He’s preserved us and protected us even though we’ve gone through our day hardly acknowledging Him.

We glorify God by trusting in Him, and that is something else that we can offer to Him.  When troubles come our way, do we ignore God and try to forge ahead by ourselves, maybe ask others for help but not Him?  Do we try to rely on our own wisdom instead of seeking His whenever something goes wrong?  How it must pain Him to see His children struggling so much when all we have to do is call upon Him.  All power is at His disposal to help us with whatever we are facing.  And the more we allow Him to work in circumstances in our lives, the more His power is revealed and on display, the more His glory is proclaimed upon the Earth.

If we know that God wants our praises, why do we sometimes find it hard to be thankful?  Why do we grumble and complain so much or question Him?  Part of it could be a lack of trust.  Part of it could be pride. Maybe we’re focusing on the wrong things or simply being disobedient.  Ungrateful people are never satisfied, so let’s seek to find something to be thankful for and praise God in every situation.

Let’s praise God throughout our day, recognizing His mighty hand at work in our lives.  He gives us so many blessings, if we would only slow down enough to recognize them.  He loves us with such a strong and overpowering love.  And He is always with us.  So let’s offer willingly our praise, our thanksgiving, giving Him the glory He deserves.  Let us thank Him for how He’s already worked in our lives and have confidence in Him to deliver us in the future.


Your thoughts?

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