Complete Cleansing

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

We can be so foolish sometimes when it comes to our sins.  Once they are done, there is no undoing them.  Once they are done, they are seen and known by God.  Once we’ve recognized them in ourselves, there is nothing we can do about them on our own.  We can try to make up to whoever else we may have wronged in committing that sin.  We can try to console ourselves or rationalize it away.  We can shove it down deep and hope it goes away somehow on its own.

But really, the only solution for dealing with any sin in our lives is to simply confess it to God.  We don’t need to do anything more than that, anything extra.  His cleansing and forgiveness comes when we simply tell Him that we know what we did was wrong, that we know we’ve sinned against Him.  There is no further atonement needed because Jesus is the atonement.  There is no punishment needed because Christ bore our punishment already.  There is no making up for what we’ve done because His grace casts our sin away.

The only thing we need is a new dedication to sinning no more and a commitment to making right choices in our lives that are pleasing to God.  We need a heart that is willing to surrender to God and one that will listen to His Spirit as He guides us moment by moment.  Perhaps we need a little bit of grace for ourselves to not dwell on old sins, but move past them after we’ve dealt with them.  Maybe we need just a little encouragement that His love will never fade no matter what we do and that He’s always willing to hear from His dear children.

God knows that in our flesh, we are still prone to sin.  God just wants us to realize that, too, and stop trying to pretend we’re perfect, stop trying to get away with things, stop being so prideful about our sins.  It is His faithfulness that ensures this promise to us, not anything in us.  It is because He is just and honors His Word that we can know for sure we are forgiven after we bring our sins to Him.  It is the completed work of Jesus that has the power over our sin.  So let us rest in this promise.  Let us be quick to confess our sins and then go on refreshed by the complete cleansing that He offers us.


Your thoughts?

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