Psalm 142:6
Attend unto my cry; for I am brought very low: deliver me from my persecutors; for they are stronger than I.

Many times we face foes stronger than us.  And if we relied on our own strength, we would surely be defeated.  Satan and his servants do not give up the battle as easily as we might.  Sin seems to never tire or grow weary of working its destruction.  Evil forces hardly cease to be active.  And our great enemy pursues his plans and purposes with a desperate fervor that might put our own passion to shame.  Our accuser will do anything he can to bring us down.  And these, our great persecutors, are stronger than us.

But they are not stronger than our God.  Our God is almighty and possesses a strength far beyond even our mightiest foe.  He is our ultimate refuge, and we can turn to His life-preserving help when we are at our most desperate point.  He contains within Him all strength to overcome anything the enemy would throw at Him, and His victory is already assured.  The power we can see displayed on the Earth is just a fraction of the power at His disposal, and He is able and willing to fight on our behalf.  No matter how low we are ever brought, He can raise us up.

When we can recognize in ourselves our own weakness and our own lack of strength, we have no choice but to cry out for help.  And it matters just who we seek out in those moments.  But when we seek the Lord, we can know that He will hear our cry.  We can trust that He will protect us and that He will deliver us according to His will.  When we realize that we need something more powerful than what we have within ourselves, God can start to work.

What kinds of persecutors are we facing just now?  Are we feeling small compared to the bigness of the enemy we face?  Do we find our own strength inadequate?  The truth is that we all face these kinds of moments at times in our lives.  But we never have to face them alone, and we never have to depend on our own strength for victory.  God is all-powerful, and He will fight for us.  God is our strong tower, and He will protect us.  God is our advocate, and He will come to our aid.  So let’s look to Him in the midst of our particular struggle and trust Him to hear us and then help us.


Your thoughts?

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