The Right Perspective

Proverbs 23:17
Let not thine heart envy sinners: but be thou in the fear of the LORD all the day long.

Sometimes we find ourselves looking longingly at the things of those around us. We see their fancy cars and their big houses and their neat gadgets, and we know they are unsaved and lost, and yet they seem to be thriving. Or maybe an unrighteous person at work gets the promotion we wanted and we start to feel a little envious of their success. Or maybe we even see people indulging in sin around us and wish we could participate, as well, and see what the fuss is all about.

But there is a danger in that kind of thinking. The pleasure of sin is simply an illusion, and the pursuit of that lifestyle is ultimately fruitless. Sinners should not be envied. If anything, they should be pitied, because deep down, we know that no matter what their lives look like on the outside, if they do not have a relationship with God, they have more emptiness and more lack in their lives than we even realize. They can have no real fulfillment apart from God, and they have His wrath upon them if they continue to reject Him.

We are exactly where we’re supposed to be and have exactly what we’re supposed to have if we are pursuing God and seeking His will for our lives. When we choose to honor God instead of seeking to indulge in sin, we are in the best place we could ever be. And even if it seems like we don’t have what sinners around us may be enjoying, we have everything we need and more in God Himself. Let us refuse to allow our hearts to crave after worldly pleasures when we have something much more valuable in a growing, thriving relationship with our Lord.

Satan tries hard to entice us. He makes his path of destruction look as pleasant as possible. But let us determine in our hearts to keep our focus in the right place. Let us reside close to our Father and be more concerned with pleasing Him than pleasing ourselves. Let us commune with Him continually and be on guard against anything that would take us out of fellowship with Him. No matter how it may seem, evil and wickedness will eventually be defeated, but those who forsake evil will be blessed.


Your thoughts?

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