Jesus Is with Us

Luke 24:22-23
Yea, and certain women also of our company made us astonished, which were early at the sepulchre; And when they found not his body, they came, saying, that they had also seen a vision of angels, which said that he was alive.

It’s almost kind of funny to think of these disciples walking along with Jesus and telling Him the story of His own death and what had followed after. They were visibly sad and upset because they had lost their Master, and though the angels had proclaimed Jesus to be alive and several people had witnessed the empty tomb, still they went on as though Jesus was dead. They were surprised by the tales of what had happened at the tomb and doubted the proclamation that Jesus was alive. And here He was walking along with them, talking with them.

Are we going about our way as though our Savior is dead when He is actually alive and walking very near to us? Have we traveled sadly from the city when Jesus was with us all along? Too often we can get caught up in our circumstances, caught up in our misunderstanding, and we go on our way as if Jesus isn’t alive and reigning over all. Too often we go on as if His power isn’t enough, His grace isn’t sufficient. We go on as if He’s been defeated instead of victorious over sin and hell and the grave. We go on as if we’ve lost Him when, in fact, He’s never been closer.

Let us not allow our doubts or our unbelief to blind us to the fact that Jesus is right here with us. Let us trust what He has told us and what His Word says about Him. Let us trust in His promises and rely on them to help us deal with the difficult situations that arise in our lives. Let us seek His wisdom and His power and His mercy and rest in the fact that it is enough. Let us allow our Lord to cast out our unbelief by revealing Himself to us in new ways and showing us new things from His Word, giving us the understanding we had lacked.

There is no need to be sorrowful, but we can continue on rejoicing in the truth that Jesus is alive, and He is with us. We can depend on His power and strength. We can trust in the provisions He has made for us. We can rely on Him in any circumstance. Let us allow our Lord to open our eyes so that we may see the truth He would have us to see. Let us remain near to Him all the days of our journey here and have that close fellowship with Him. And though we are often amazed at the things God can do and surprised by the ways that He works, let us not allow our astonishment to cause us to think that what He has done is too good to be true.


Your thoughts?

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