The Journey

Genesis 12:9
And Abram journeyed, going on still toward the south.

Abram had heard the voice of God and responded to Him.  He’d packed up his stuff and left his home and went on his way.  He’d received that great promise from God of blessings to come.  He went forward toward a life with many amazing moments, and it all began with one step.  But it took that process of journeying to get him where God wanted him to go.

We are all on a journey.  We have God’s call upon our lives in different ways.  He leads us in different directions that are very specific to each individual.  He has something for us, a path for us to take, a destination in mind.  Sometimes there are missteps along the way.  Even Abraham had his share of those.  But then there are also new visions of God and a greater understanding of Him and His will for us.  Sometimes there are moments where we feel like we’re not getting anywhere, and sometimes we need to backtrack.

All of these things are part of learning and growing in a relationship with God, which is what Abram was doing and what we can do, as well.  He hadn’t gone out of his own accord, but he went because God told him to go.  He didn’t get everything right, but God was merciful and faithful for the duration.  May we be willing to trust God with our journey.  May we walk closely with Him, go as He leads, stop when He says to, and return when we go astray.  We can build a life based on obeying the voice of God and His will for our lives, and He will bless and guide all along the way as we follow Him.

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