Trusting God’s Plan

2 Samuel 15:25-26
And the king said unto Zadok, Carry back the ark of God into the city: if I shall find favour in the eyes of the LORD, he will bring me again, and shew me both it, and his habitation: But if he thus say, I have no delight in thee; behold, here am I, let him do to me as seemeth good unto him.

David knew that God had a plan even for this moment, even if he didn’t know what could happen or how this would all turn out.  Here he was, driven from the palace by his rebellious son, once again fleeing to the wilderness.  But he knew his life and his future were in God’s hands.  He trusted God with his life, with every uncertain circumstance, and he trusted God would be with him in whatever he would face.  God was with him before as he fled from Saul, and David knew God would not abandon him now.

Our lives are truly in God’s hands.  There are no surprises to Him, even if things seem to sneak up on us.  So we can trust Him in every circumstance that comes along.  We can submit all into His capable hands.  We can trust God with whatever happens to us, knowing He is working out His plans, knowing nothing is impossible to Him, knowing He will never leave us or forsake us.

God has a plan for each of us, just as He had a plan for David.  David was who He had chosen to be king, and eventually David would sit on his throne again in the palace.  At times it can seem like our own choices can mess up what God is trying to do in our lives, but those consequences we may have to face aren’t roadblocks to God.  They don’t stop Him from moving forward.  He can work even through the messes we make.  He is merciful and able to redeem situations that seem too far gone.

When we find ourselves in a wilderness, may we be willing to turn to God and submit our situation into His hands.  Sometimes He has orchestrated those things for our good and so He may be glorified through them.  Sometimes we face challenges from our poor choices, but God can work even in those.  Sometimes we have no idea how we ended up there, but God knows the reasons, the purposes, and the outcomes for all of those situations.  We truly can trust God with our lives, so may we simply be willing to do so.

Your thoughts?

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