Moved with Compassion

Matthew 14:14
And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.

Whenever Jesus is confronted with the neediness and brokenness of people, He isn’t repulsed.  He doesn’t turn away with a sneer.  He doesn’t expect them to just deal with it and get over it.  But He is moved with compassion.  That was the feeling that rose up within Him, but then He took action.  He responded to what He saw.  He turns toward these people and seeks to intercede in their lives and their circumstances.  He meets every need in the most powerful and complete way.

And Jesus is still doing the same today.  Those great weaknesses of ours don’t cause Him to turn away from us, but toward us.  When we come seeking Him, He looks upon us and our struggles and sees down deep to the great need of our heart, and then He has compassion on us and acts on our behalf, for our good and benefit.  We’re used to a cold and rejecting world that is quick to cast us aside, but Jesus never does.  His compassion is great toward us.

So after we have experienced the gracious love of our Savior, what will our response be when we see someone in need?  Will we have the kind of compassion that seeks to make a difference in the lives of others?  Will we step forward to meet a need, to be a help, to be a blessing?  May we not turn aside and turn away, but turn toward them.  May we not ignore the neediness of others, but step into the midst and reach out in love.  May we introduce people to our Savior who can make such a difference in their lives.

True compassion always takes action, and that is what Jesus demonstrates here.  It doesn’t merely sit back and have pity on someone, but it goes forth to meet a need and make a difference.  Jesus had gone to this place initially to be apart from the multitude and rest, but He was still willing to intervene when He saw the people come to Him.  Jesus never only did what was convenient or easy.  Jesus’ love and compassion led Him all the way to the cross to die for us.  May we be willing to simply follow the example of our selfless Savior and show His love and compassion to the hurting world around us.

Your thoughts?

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