Numbers 12:3
(Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.)

We don’t really think of Moses as meek, do we?  He was a man who stood  before Pharaoh and challenged him to set Israel free from their bondage.  He led a whole nation through the wilderness and back again.  He met with God and received the law.  He was a judge of the people.  He had influence.  He had position.  He had power.  But hadn’t he kind of bristled at first when God called him to this task?  Hadn’t he declared himself unable to lead, unable to speak, unable to stand before anyone?

So perhaps it is not Moses, really, that we see in the pages of Scripture, but a meek man filled with the Spirit of God.  It’s not really Moses doing these things, but it is Moses empowered by God who does them.  It is a man willing to surrender to the leading of his God.  It is a man willing to empty himself out and make room for God to work through him.  It is a man who knew God and therefore wanted to obey Him.

Meekness is a quality that is valued by God—those who are gentle and humble and submissive to Him.  The Bible says blessed are the meek.  Indeed Jesus is also described as being meek, and we are to be like Him.  So how do we cultivate meekness in our own lives?  Mostly with an emptying of self, a willingness to allow God to be in control.  It takes submission to the Father’s will, not fighting and striving to get our way.  It’s a willingness to just bear up under whatever is necessary and keep moving forward.

We don’t have to be anyone special for God to use us.  We just have to be willing and available.  We don’t have to have a lot of ability on our own, because God will be at work through us.  He’ll enable us to do whatever it is we need to do.  He’ll fill us with His Spirit.  Meekness is not a quality that most people will strive for, but it is worthwhile to God.  So may we just be willing to fully surrender to God and let Him have His way in us.

Your thoughts?

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